Dr Dnyanraj Rajkumar Homkar

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I am Dr. Dnyanraj Rajkumar Homkar, living in Solapur city, completed B.A.M.S. from pune. After my last year B.A.M.S. examination, on 1st February 2013 our college had organised a function where I was performing a rope dance. During the performance I met with a fatal accident and my life changed completely. Due to the accident my spinal cord damaged very severely, and I lost my consciousness. I spent 15 days in coma and spent 4 months in hospital for very painful treatment. It is difficult for me to write my situation during the treatment. I pray to God,that nobody shall suffer such a terrible pains in their life.       The disease from which I am suffering is called Quadriplegia, a type of paralysis in which I can move only head and neck. I cannot move any other part of my body. From last three years, my parents and friends have been searching all over the world for the effective treatment for the disease.

 The accident has paralysed my body but not my mind. Though I cannot move my body, even though I can use my brain to make me self-sufficient person. 

– First I designed a water bottle which once filled, then I can use at any time without any help.This solved my thirst problem at night.

– I have started a free website and mobile app for those student who cannot attend private classes for Engineering and medical entrance examination. 

– I also developed text book reading stand for me.

– Then I developed a stick which has human finger sensation. I hold the stick in my mouth and operate Mobile, laptop etc.

In Mobile i use

-apps like Facebook, whatsapp, etc.

– mail

– Internet browsing

– fast typing

– use laptop by using team viewer software

–  operate Piano on my phone.

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